Can i Pair Sonos One with Roam

  • 5 May 2021
  • 3 replies


I have One Sonos One Gen 2 and im looking to connect to a turntable without spending hundreds. Can i pair a Roam with my Sonos one and then pair them to my bluetooth turntable?



Best answer by Marshall W 8 May 2021, 13:58

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3 replies

You can ‘group’ them .. so you play the turntable Bluetooth audio to the Roam and then you can ‘group’ the Roam over WiFI with any of your Sonos speakers/devices around your Home. 

In Sonos parlance, the word “pair” means a stereo pair, i.e. left and right signals sent to different speakers, which is why Ken used the more appropriate “group”, which means that one speaker would get the signal and then share it with the other. They would not be separate left and rights. 


Thanks! I suspected this is what I would have to do but I wanted to make sure before spending any money 😂