Best way to set up Move away from home

  • 20 May 2020
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I am away from home in a family house (different wifi network, geographically separated), but have bought a Sonos Move.

What’s the best way to set it up? I want to be able to start using it, but then when I go home have it join the rest of my main Sonos system.

  • Should I set up the move with a new/different Sonos account (email) at my family home, and then when I return home, should I factory reset the move and re-set it up on my home wifi + home Sonos account?
  • Should I first set up the Move using the same Sonos account but different Sonos system (apparently one account can have multiple systems?). Then when I take the Move home, somehow have it join my home system (I hear the Move can join multiple wifi networks?)

Is one better/cleaner? I don’t plan on moving back and forth between these two places, I just don’t happen to be at home when first starting to use the Move.


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1 reply

The second option is the way to go.  You can connect the Move to your home network when you arrive.  I can’t say I’ve done myself, but the Move is designed to hold around a dozen WiFi connections in memory to allow for this sort of thing.  You actually will be able to go back to the family house and will automatically connect with the stored credentials.