Best Quality Speaker

  • 6 July 2023
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I’m searching best quality speakers which are give feel impressive sound without echo.

2 replies

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For “best” quality, go stereo-paired Fives and a Sub for stereo hifi music listening. 

For “best” quality home theatre, Arc with Era 300 surrounds and 2xSubs. 

For “impressive sound”, go Era300’s. 

For “without echo”, change your room. If there’s an echo in the listening environment, put up some soft materials on the walls, carpet or rug on hard floors, more soft furnishings, etc. If all that fails, move home. 

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  • Are you familiar with Sonos and know that they are wireless requiring an internet connection upon initial setup? 
  • Do you currently own any Sonos speakers? 
  • Please explain what you mean by “best quality speakers which are give feel impressive sound without echo?
  • Did you mean immersive sound without echo?
  • How do you intend to use Sonos speakers (i.e. music, music via Blue Tooth, Home Theater or all three?

For the record all Sonos speakers are of good quality and deliver impressive sound without echo.