Audible Playback Stopping Continually

I have recreated this closed topic as I have exactly the same issue as was so clearly described by other users.

Audible intermittently stops after playing for a few minutes.   “Alexa resume” restarts it usually a minute or two before it stopped.   

Alexa work fine otherwise and audible on other devices works fine.   Its just the combination of Audible and Alexa on my Roam that has the problem.

Definitely not WiFi issue

Sonos - Please investigate this which is clearly a bug of some sort


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Hi @drpeej 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Please recreate the issue, then submit a support diagnostic. Please then report the number given here, and I’ll take a look for you. 


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was anything discovered?  I have this exact same issue.   → Start Audible using Alexa.   The Sonos speakers are the default audio out for that alexa group.   Audible plays for 4-5 minutes and then will stop.   If you tell Alexa to start reading Audible again then it seems to go back to where you started it previously.  


It’s possible that this isn’t a Sonos issue, but an Alexa issue where it is not notifying Audible that the book is playing when it is playing through the default audio out.   I’m thinking this because of Audible not knowing that the book has progressed.   That means it’s not getting the feedback of where the book is in the reading.   If it doesn’t get this, then it will stop after it finishes the buffer ( as if the alexa was disconnected ).   

 There’s no issue if played directly over an alexa device


diagnostic number is 717438777


other notes.  I have no issue with music ( amazon music ) 

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Hi @barfolemu1998 

was anything discovered? 

Not a thing, as they unfortunately didn’t reply. Perhaps the issue went away.

I took a look at your diagnostics, however, and I’d like you to please try the following:

  1. Please turn off your router for at least 30 seconds.
  2. Turn the router back on and wait about 3-5 minutes for the WiFi to return.
  3. Pick up the Roam, disconnect it from power and hold the power button on the back for a full 12 seconds - this will force it to do a full reboot.
  4. Wait for the Roam to boot.
  5. Test with Audible via Alexa again, but be sure to keep any other WiFi devices at least 1m away from both the Roam and the router.
  6. If Audible fails in the same way when initiated with Alexa, please try initiating Audible playback from the Sonos app and compare.

I hope this helps.



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ok, no luck.  

Notes here. 

  1. I didn’t fully read the first persons issue.   My issue was on my normal sonos speakers.   However I followed your instructions and then tried with my roam.  It’s having the same issue.
  2. With multiple attempts on different speakers throughout the house the same issue is on all of them.  I also noticed that it stops at the same spot every time and when I try it in the next room it resumes from the original spot.   So this goes back to the theory that it’s not communicating back to audible that it’s actually playing.  It probably pulls in a buffer, plays that and then stops.
  3. I tried with the audible app within the sonos app and it works fine.  So this is localized to starting the audible through alexa.
  4. I also created a new smart group for the swimming pool with an old dot.   Set the sonos amp to be the default speaker for the group.   The amp is directly connected to ethernet.  Same issue.  So this is not a wifi issue unless you consider the wifi through the alexa, but I don’t know how this connection works.   (When you start audible through alexa to play on sonos, does sonos connect back to audible and audible streams it to sonos or does the alexa device stream it to sonos? ).   If I take the sonos speaker off of the smart group and play audible over the alexa device directly there’s no issue.    
  5. The only other service I have connected is Amazon Music and that works fine.

I submitted another diagnostic



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Hi @barfolemu1998 

From what you have said, it seems the issue is with Alexa - Audible works correctly without issue when using the Sonos app, whereby Alexa on a Echo Dot has the same problem. Audible is owned by Amazon, so my assumption is that if you contact their support team, they’ll be in a position to assist.

Some WiFi interference is reported by your system, but not to the extent that it would cause anything like this - things actually look fairly healthy. The symptoms would be different anyway.

I hope this helps.

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I’m fine starting to follow up with them, though I don’t feel we should close out this issue yet.   There’s still a chance that the issue is in the Sonos Alexa skill and since it happens on the roam with the Alexa and Sonos combined, there will be push back that this is a Sonos issue.

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Hi @barfolemu1998 

I’m fine starting to follow up with them, though I don’t feel we should close out this issue yet.   There’s still a chance that the issue is in the Sonos Alexa skill and since it happens on the roam with the Alexa and Sonos combined, there will be push back that this is a Sonos issue.

I think you’re right - I missed that you said in 4 “If I take the sonos speaker off of the smart group and play audible over the alexa device directly there’s no issue.“ As for your query there, the Dot would not stream, only pass the instruction to do so.

I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team who will document the issue in a case and try some in-depth troubleshooting steps with you. I can’t promise there will be an immediate resolution.

I hope this helps.

Edit: If you do get in touch with Amazon support, I can guarantee they will tell you to contact us - best skip that part for now and just call us in the first place.

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I’ll do both and work it from both angles.  You’re right though, I expect Amazon will just push back.  

Right now I’m hoping someone else reads this and can duplicate the issue and can run a different test

     If someone who is experiencing the issue can set a non sonos speaker as the default speaker for a smart group and retry.   If the issue still exists, the issue is in the alexa device, if it doesn’t exist then the issue is probably in the Sonos skill

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Hi @barfolemu1998 

Another possibility is that the issue is down to some invalid security tokens that are being passed between the involved devices and servers when you make such a request - the in-depth troubleshooting I mentioned would involve clearing these. The steps can be complicated, which is why I didn’t outline them here.

I’m having the exact same issue that barfolemu1998 has described. I just recreated the issue and did a diagnostic: 927541263

audible (which was started via Alexa) stopped playing after 5 minutes. We have been having this issue for at least 6 months. I really hope we can figure it out!

Let me know what other information would be helpful. Thanks

we’re using a wifi mesh system from eero - if that makes a difference

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Hi @Waxbare 

I think you could benefit from connecting one of your speakers permanently to your main Eero node with an ethernet cable. Please keep this unit as far from the main Eero node as the cable will allow (at least 1m).

Once done, all the speakers will reboot, and when they come back online they should show WM:0 in Settings » System » About my Sonos system. When all rooms are present, and all except the Move show WM:0, please then go to Settings » System » Network » Change SonosNet Channel » 1 (your WiFi is on channel 6, which SonosNet is set to use. Therefore, the best channel for Sonos will be either 1 or 11). If any rooms go missing at this stage, please change back to channel 6 and try again.

I hope this helps.

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This problem has been there by a long time now, and I lost patience. I am using Audible only via Bluetooth and not on Sonos since it does not work with Alexa and the Sonos service in the Sonos app is not available in Italy.

You will find other threads reporting the same identical problem but nothing has changed in months.

I have just purchased a Sonos Move for use in my bathroom, primarily to allow me to listen to audio books via Audible using Alexa commands.

Unfortunately I'm hitting this issue as well. Has there been any communication from Sonos suggesting they're working on a fix? If not I will probably return the speaker as the main reason I paid so much for the device over other waterproof speakers was the Alexa/Audible combination.

I have submitted a diagnostic, 1743815444.