ask Sonos Roam to play music

  • 10 July 2021
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Just setup my Sonos Roam, and set it up with my Google Home Account. I can ask my Sonos Roam "hey Google what is the time?" And it will tell me correct time just like my Google home. But if I say "hey Google play some music" it says sure playing music on YouTube music (the default setup music app) but then says, sorry I can't play music at this time. Thought it might be Google Account but all Google minis and home work just fine. I tell them "hey Google play music" and they all do. 

Am I doing something wrong or miss something on the serup?


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4 replies

Have you installed the YouTube Music service in your Sonos app and is it logged in with the same (email/password) credentials as the one linked to your Google Home account.

Note, I think only paid ‘subscription’ services are supported for voice control playback on third-party devices.

Thank you! The issue was I was using the free version of YouTube Music. Signed up for free trial and it works great. 

So once my free trial of premium YouTube Music expires I either need to pay $10 for this service or find another Music streaming service that just works without needing to pay. If that exists.

Any suggestions?

I don’t use Google Assistant, but I presume that they insist that a user needs to have a paid subscription service to use their assistant on third party speakers.

I know in the case of Amazon (Alexa) they allow the use of Spotify ‘free’ service on third party devices, but I’m not sure if that’s the case with Google, but maybe try that ‘free’ music service aswell perhaps, to see if that may work for you. (I’m not sure it will🤔?)

If you do decide to look at ‘Spotify free’, then don’t forget to add it to the Sonos App and don’t forget to set it as your ‘default’ music service in the Google Home App.