Adding Sonos Roam 2 to Original Sonos System

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I have an original Sonos system with Playbar, Sub Base, Play 3, and three Play 1 Speakers in our home. They are not compatible with the S2 software. I would like to add an outside speaker that is waterproof and thought the Roam 2 might be an option.

This speaker would be located at our new boathouse which is 150’ from our main house. I needed to install a WI-FI bridge system (NETGEAR Nighthawk) to my main home W-IFI in order to connect an ADT security system there.

Can I add a Roam 2 speaker at the boathouse to play the same music that my existing Sonos system is playing in our main house?

What would be the best way to connect/group a Roam 2 speaker to my main house Sonos system- Bluetooth?

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