'You're better than this' Event June 6

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so today is the latest Sonos event. Sadly it wont be live streamed. The 'teaser' image attached

Any further speculation what it will be
  • New voice enabled Home Theatre device
  • More on Airplay2
  • More on 'Works on Sonos'
  • New Desktop app ?
  • Something else completely ?

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What a joke of a product launch! Looks like Sonos is betting the farm that voice control needs to be on every speaker and worrrying worrying far about being left behind in the movie media streaming world. Got a new 4k tv and Apple Tv or UHD Disk player? Cool.... but if you depend on sonos you’ll be stuck with last centuary audio streams!!! This is just mind boggling. Seriously regretting spending so much money on their kit. Whilst I love it for music, and it is really very good. Going to have to ditch the 5.1 setup in the lounge now 😠
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Is the HDMI port 2.1? If not is it possible to future proof it so it could be upgraded to 2.1?
Unknown if it's 2.1... that wasn't mentioned. It's been said that HDMI 2.0 can be firmware-updated to support some features of 2.1, including eARC... so it might be possible to update it to support eARC in the future if it's not HDMI 2.1.
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I love Sonos for the music but now with the major disappointment and anti climatic June 6th event with the only introduction being the Sonos beam plus I hoping that they would finally change the outdated playbar for codecs plus DD Atmos, I am seriously now considering that Sonos really do not care for its customers

Sonos fired a few people a few months ago and maybe sonos can no longer compete. The Sonos Home Theater is disappointing to say the least. I been waiting patiently for 2 years for Sonos to get their act together and I have come to the realization that they are not progressive enough and have completely ignored customers crying out to update the playbar . I will be selling my playbar, Sub and play 5 as a result of this. I may keep my 4*play 1s for 2 of my bedrooms but I will look at other companies for my home theater

Sonos you have lost my trust and patience
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Sonos you have lost my trust and patience

Frankly it takes quite a bit of patience to read these melodramatic posts. Look here.......companies make a choice of what they want to be and who they want to serve. Sonos’ North Star is home audio for MUSIC OK...........MUSIC!!!!!!

Yes they offer Home theatre soltutions that play along nicely within the framework of their multitoom system. They are not here to serve hard core home theatre enthusiasts or ppl like me who want cheap and cheerful HT solutions. They are meant for Music lovers who want a simple setup HT solution that they can also have music integrated. I personally wouldn’t pay 699 for a piece of HT kit. So I bought an inexpensive Vizio 2.1 system for my master bedroom. I didn’t come on here ranting and raving about a breakdown in trust because they didn’t offer an HT solution that suits me. They are a music audio company first and they continue to do that pretty well.

Actually if they came out with the beam 1 year and a half ago I would have bought it no doubt. The price is just about as far as I would pay for HT gear.

So stop looking for the latest and greatest cutting edge HT solutions from them. They aren’t here for that.

Nothing is wrong with looking elsewhere. Jeez!!!!