When will there be support for Apple HomeKit ?

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I actually think Apple are losing some of the people with disposable cash. Most don't accumulate their disposable by being stupid with it!! I've been waiting for LightwaveRF to become HomeKit compatible and held off buying an Echo voice assistant, as they kept saying "it's coming". Well it did as a redesigned generation 2 product with no backward compatibility. I have disposable income but I'm not about to replace all my Lightwave gear to be able to use Siri, I already have their app on my phone. So I deleted HomeKit from my iPhone and bought an Echo which already works with Lightwave and lots of other home automation. If Sonos brings Echo integration then brilliant, if not I have their app and IFTT is getting better all the time. Ride it out!!
I actually think Apple are losing some of the people with disposable cash.
Perhaps; but in general are they not these days the Apple target market?!

From what I have read of Homepod, I see it as direct competition to Amazon and to Alexa supported Sonos. Folks will either go the Siri/Homepod way, or a way that uses some combination of Amazon and Sonos hardware. As well as that from others that support Alexa.
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I think in light of this announcement it would be wise for sonos to implement HomeKit, if it does not want to loose customers like me.

Hmmm... Are you the one who placed a million dollar order for Sonos(es) last week?

I overheard a person in an apple shop looking at the Apple watch saying... This one does not work with Android? They've just lost a customer like me. ?

Apple products has never been compatible with any Android devices. I’ve known people who use an iPhone because they like their Apple Watch. Samsung and other Android manufacturers have tried to make their own smart watch but they can only dream of market share the Apple Watch has. Apple Watch sales has now become the top in the world, beating Rolex, etc.
Apple Home can call Lutron hardware.
Lutron can call Sonos API, therefore Lutron scenes can involve music from SONOS.

Would it be easier trying to figure how to get Apple Home calling a Lutron scene and therefore indirectly controlling SONOS?