What two songs have a really pleasing crossfade that you've found?

  • 9 November 2018
  • 2 replies

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I love listening to songs on crossfade, and every so often I'll find two songs that just line up/mix perfectly, have you guys discovered any with a pleasing/cool mix on crossfade?

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2 replies

I don't have any songs to suggest but I support the concept of managing the transition from one song to the next in a playlist regardless of whether you crossfade or not. There is nothing worse than a ragged transition from one song to another that doesn't fit. Even if you like both songs if they don't work well together it pretty much ruins the listening experience. I'm alsways surprised at how many people use shuffle and just let the songs jam together in some random order. Opening your window to traffic noise would likely provide a better overall listening session than a shuffled playlist with no song transition management.
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I mostly ignore the crossfade option as it is usually aggravating and having a moment of silence is far better.

My Denon AVR is happier with crossfade as it doesn't keep dropping to a no-signal state but the blinking is less aggravating than the crossfade.