Sustainable Packaging Design Live Q&A thread for 28th September event (Concluded)

  • 18 September 2023
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Sustainable Packaging Design Live Q&A thread for 28th September event (Concluded)
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Hi all,

Have you seen the event? If not, you can find the Sustainable Packaging Design Live Q&A session here.

Still trying to figure out what to ask Jeremiah at the event? We have some content to inspire your questions.

We have a great blog post about the Roams packaging, as that is when we first fully introduced the new packaging design.

But to top that, Michelle also hosted a YouTube video where she shows off the Eras packaging.

Some new questions might have covered all the “basic” information.

What questions do you have for Jeremiah and his team about packaging? Anything that comes to mind? Anything new you want to know?

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Did you miss the livestream? Don’t worry you can watch the recording here:

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Not sure I have any questions, but have a few thoughts on the subject.  When it comes to boxes, although an unboxing experience is nice, I tend to look for two things from the box.  Can I reuse the box to protect the product in the future?

When it comes to reuse, Sonos boxes generally are not very good. One of the reasons is that the boxes are usually an odd shape that won’t work well for other items I would want to store.  Another is the boxes advertise the product well, and just aren’t generic enough looking. The boxes are also are too nice to be abused with everyday use, if that makes sense.  It feels odd and a little wrong.  Other brand boxes, just feel more disposable, and if you can reuse that’s great.  If the box falls apart, no big deal, it had a good life.

As far as future use goes, the boxes seem very good.  In case I ever move, or want to resell, I keep all the original boxes of for electronics products whenever possible.  Some boxes require a bit of destruction to open, and you can’t reuse them.  Others are just made too flimsy and do not feel like they will hold up years from now.  Others have lots of ‘peanuts’ or paper cushioning, and the box it came in really isn’t any better for the product than generic packaging.  Sonos boxes don’t have any of these flaws.  I have a small mountain of the boxes in my attic that have been there for years, and I expect them to hold up for many more years.  

One downside perhaps is that there doesn’t appear to be an easy way to break down the boxes to save space.  It’s not an issue for me really, but I can see where some would throw out the boxes due to lack of space.  Perhaps something that could be added is instructions on how the boxes could be broken down for storage?

I was going to suggest some thought in to reuse of the boxes, but honestly, I just can’t see myself ever doing that.  They are too good at protecting the product if needed in the future.