Sonos wall mounts for SL One speakers

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We bought these wall mounts and are having difficulty in unlocking the Mount in order to pivot the speakers……!

we would appreciate it some one could assist us in this matter.



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Have you called the support line for the company that made these mounts?

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You don’t say which mounts in your post.

The title shows: “Sonos wall mounts for SL One speakers” but that isn’t usually visible to folks browsing the forums. Dumb forum software and I’d have not seen it either if I hadn’t scrolled up to look at your profile.

Hopefully this one?

Did you try Step 7 here?

Maybe remove it from the bracket to have better access to the swivel lock?


Thank you for your responses.  

I think we will have to call the support line next week.


Yes, we did try step seven but to no avail.  I am wondering if the pivot facility will only unlock when the weight of the speaker somehow assists the motion.  However, we are reluctant to hang it onto the wall in case we need to return them……..

Can’t you perhaps just screw it temporarily to an old plank of wood (or similar) and try moving it as a bit of a test beforehand and then if it works, go onto attach it to the wall. I suspect it will be stiff to move as you will want it to remain firmly in situ when installed.


I have the exact problem as RBSL1 stated - I DID  try Step #7 in SL Wall Mount Bracket installation guide, I just not able to oosen the joint with all the strength I got, to pivot the mounts. Unless, I try to use a pair of vise grips, which sis definitely not  recommended.

Bounced from Sonos customer agent to agent, until the fifth agent, Dennis B, he indicated SONOS would send out  a replaceent in the next two weeks. Then, received an email saying warranty for the product is 90 days, and it has expired. I emailed him a photo copy of the Warranty statement in the Quick Start  Guide, clearly states the warranty is for a period of One Year. Never heard back from him since. Contacted customer service for the sixth time 4 weeks ago, Rayond S., promised to escalate my complain, have not heard back either.

I love the products, but Sonos Customer Service is definetly ranked the bottom of my list . I cannot imagin how much staff time SONOS has wasted for refusing a warranty replacement of a $199 product. 

Very Unhappy Customer,


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Hi Ken,


Many thanks for your suggestion and we will have a go at that over the coming days.


Many thanks for your informative response, albeit it doesn’t sound too good.


We will try Ken’s suggestion firstly.  If that doesn’t work for us, we will promptly contact Sonos customer care and any other parties involved to look for a refund.

We hope you have a positive outcome with your situation.




Thank you Rosie,

I just tried Ken’s approach - mounted on a piece wood stud and repeated Step 7 in the installtion guide. In fact, It was rotated so hard that the joint between the speaker bracket and the ball joint came loose instead. I honestly believe they are defective.

Have not heard back from Sonos Customer Service since last effort to contact them .Not sure what else I could try other than bring them to metal recycling center.

Very Disappointed Customer






Thanks for your last correspondence.  It is certainly a very disappointing result.  I was away last week and will endeavour to get some positive result from Sonos Customer Service as we have two of these items.

At least the speakers are working well, albeit they are still sitting on side tables rather than in the desired areas of the room.

All the best,




Thank you Rosie, for following up on this.

Looking forward to some positive outcomes from Sonos Customer Service.

Happy Thanksgiving!