Sonos ONE’s stereo pairing with SUB

  • 4 December 2018
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Hi everyone, im pretty new in this community here. Been reading and eyeing on new updates always and often wish there are newer ones. I’ve been a sonos lover since 2016 yet unfortunate enough to afford any of them. Been saving up my penny as much as I could to purchase one of them. Initially, my favourite is always the PLAY 5 (Gen 2) as I just want them in my bedroom and some nice stereo surround. Im no audiophile or whatsoever but i do enjoy good music and watching movie.

So, basically Im based in Melbourne and been to few general stores like jbhifi and myer to test out how these bad boy sounds. Unfortunately my surroundings are always too noisy and distracted therefore I cant really determine how good the PLAY 5 would be. I was comparing it to the BOSE soundtouch 30 to be honest as most my mates do own BOSE and make me to get them instead of SONOS.

Alrighty, here we go. So, one fine day i decided to search up for some personal stockist that sells SONOS, BOSE, B&O and etc. I finally found some near me and went to the store called (premium sound) in melbourne here to test out what I like in a nice quite environment. Comparing all sonos is my favourite. I have been reading how people saying how good the sonos 1/ONES stereo pairing with sub sounds like. So i tried pretty much every set up as I could without annoying the guy that was entertaining me. ?

As I said, I really just wanted the play 5 initially yet kept trying different ones as I’m pretty anal of what I want and it kinda swipe me into a different direction of what I’m after. So, i really like how to stereo pairing of the sonos ONE’s together compare to the stand alone play5. The soundstage is so much better. Forget about the bass but its still decent (play5 bass is good enough but not for me and the clarity in the ONE’s so much better). Add the sub to the 2 play ONE’s it’s totally on a new level.

My decision goes to the stereo pair ONE’s with sub. It’s bout 2 weeks now. More than happy for what I’m asking for. Yes it is expensive but yeah, if you want it you will get it. I highly recommend the sonos ONE’s for clarity and a sub for the extra oomphh if you love bass like me. It is perfect for my room set up at the moment. Looking forward to add more ONE’s wall mount perhaps a Playbar.

Just my 2cents after reading and determining what i should get at the end of day. Your ears and music that you listen to might differs from mine. Go try it and see which suits you the best. More Sonos to come in the future !

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