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Some advice please.  I've a Sonos system that comprises of the following:


Amp (wired, via ethernet, to the router)

Play 5

Play 3

Playbar, 2 x Play 1, Sub (linked for Lounge/TV setup) 





The problem I have is that I suffer from intermittent audio loss when streaming radio across my lounge setup and, my 'gut feeling' is, that this is probably being caused by a weak Sonos Net signal because the lounge setup is furthest from the wired Amp.  Is there any way I can improve the strength of the Sonos Net signal?  Would wiring in a Sonos boost to the router and let that generate the Sonos Net instead of the Amp help?


Grateful for any advice anyone can provide?

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Thanks for your help.  The more I read into this, the more I'm becoming convinced that by obtaining a Sonos boost and placing it wirelessly between the amp and the playbar (physically closer & using it as an extender, exactly as you're describing) may well resolve my issue.

Thanks again! 

Sonosnet is a net, so it’s not so much the distance of the playbar to the amp (connected to router) that matters, but the distance of the playbar to another speaker that’s a part of Sonosnet. Using a boost instead of the amp won’t do anything unless the boost is also physically closer to the playbar.  Move and Roam are not using sonosnet, so placing the play:5 or play:3 in between the playbar and amp to bridge the gap might be a good solution.

Depending on the strength of your WiFi network, you may want to try ditching sonosnet altogether and just connect everything by WiFi.  Your Move and Roam are already operating this way, so that may be a good indicator that this strategy will work.  However, these portables are more modern and have better radios in them, so can work off weaker signals than your older units.