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  • 22 July 2005
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If you are interested...I've started regular posts and have a pretty good one today. This week/end I also plan to post an entry on different ways to handle storage and archiving...and even how to roll your own NAS drive for $170.

BTW...if you are interested in who I am. I'm Alan Graham and I am a writer...I've appeared in Macworld, MacAddict, O'Reilly, Wired, etc. I also created the first book on blogs as literature called "Never Threaten To Eat Your Co-Workers."

I'd also like some of you to share with me your solutions, your tips, your systems, etc.



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3 replies

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If you need to through anything against someone when it comes to Storage, feel free to bounce it my way. I am Travis Teddy, Principal Systems Engineer for a company called Xiotech. Xiotech provides Storage solutions in the data center's with both SAN's and NAS.


I know you're a writer, but I really hope I'm not going to have to read an advert for your blog twice a week from now on.

As previously mentioned on your last thread, we already have a good forum for Sonos discussion here and we don't really need constant interruption from someone plugging another site.

Maybe, if you were a regular contributor here and added value to the postings in the Sonos forum you may have more credibility but until then I feel you're going to struggle to get the recognition you may require.

Just my 2p.