Sonos app not working with IOS17.4 beta

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Update to Sonos app from Apple App Store then IOS17.4 dev beta now the app does not work? Is there a work around to allow Sonos app to work in new iOS beta? 

Airgetlam 4 months ago

Sonos, as with many other companies, don’t chase ‘beta’ versions of operating system software for compatibility issues, only final releases. 

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What are they going to do when the new iOS is released in a few weeks? Isn't beneficial for them to get feedback? 

I’m sure Sonos will have an iOS beta internally, and be testing how well the controller app works on it. However they don’t provide official support for users on iOS beta. Too many pieces remain in motion. 

Hi , I found a work around for me ,  on iPad iOS 17 , and iPhone best versions 


run the Sonos app , then go back to desktop , leave it running (sonos app) , then bring back the Sonos app from the desktop background ,  But do not click on the Sonos app icon from. Just bring up the Sonos app that is currently running.


ta da , done …. Worked for me many times … phew !  Thank goodness 

Allow the app a minute or two to load; it is functioning for me. 

This didn’t work for me on either iPhone or iPad , but I found a work around , by running it in the background and I have explained this in my further reply 

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Latest iOS Beta appears to have fixed the problem. Think it’s Public Beta 6. 

Forget 17.X beta, trueplay does not work on an official 17.0.3 release which is kind of pathetic. 

Forget any beta. Sonos has never chased compatibility with any beta builds, on any platform.