Sold Playbar without removing it from my system. Can't fix.

  • 11 November 2023
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I gave my Playbar and Sub to a relative without properly removing them from my system. I now can’t access any rooms in my app, and they can’t setup the speakers I gave them.

Do I need to go so far as to bring the speakers back to my home? Suggestions?


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4 replies

Ask them nicely to follow the factory reset procedure on both units.

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“can’t access any rooms in my app“ - why not? It might report the PB as missing, but the existing rooms should be fine. Unless the PB was your SonosNet broadcaster, in which case hard-wire something else to do that function.

Try resetting the app in the system tab

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Try resetting the app in the system tab

That will have zero affect, all config data is in the speakers, not the app.