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  • 8 June 2023
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Hi folks, looking for a bit of advice with regard to selling on items that may then be used to get a discount on new products.

I have a Connect Gen 2 unit that I no longer use. I thought I’d sell it on eBay, hopefully for a reasonable price, and I noticed that enquiries came in from dubious buyers who only seemed interested in seeing the product’s serial number. I realised that if I sent details of the serial number that this could be used to purchase a new product at a discounted price; is this correct? If the serial number is used for this purpose, does that automatically invalidate the original item? I think/hope I’ve avoided being scammed this way, and now wonder if the Connect is now potentially unusable, or will be if the serial number is later used in this way?  I thought I was being clever by not sending picture details on the Connect itself, but of course the number is on the box. 🙄


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2 replies

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Since it sounds like you didn’t post any actual images of the Connect on your eBay listing, people are probably asking about the serial number because they just want to confirm that the Connect is actually a Gen 2 and not a Gen 1.

And it will take more than just the serial number for someone to use the Connect to get the upgrade credit. The device needs to be registered to their account to be eligible too.

Also, using the upgrade credit doesn’t brick the device. You can still use it like you always have or sell it or give it away for someone else to use it.

If someone asked for the serial number in the future, just send them the first four digits. This will tell them the manufacture date which is all they need to know.

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That's good, put my mind at rest, thanks for the swift and detailed reply 🎸🌟!!!