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  • 28 October 2015
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I am returning to Spotify. Calm radio performance is not as claimed for me. My TV has better sound quality. Also, Calm radio customer service person who introduced himself in an email as President, blamed the failure on Sonos. Of course we Sonos customers know that Sonos is the best customer service in the market and solves problems almost instantly. I cannot access the Calm product. Atmospherics are unavailable. Customer service is a joke. They provide articles only. No phone is available for customer service that I could find. Then the President gave out my user name and password to a third party. And the list goes on to include the President emailing me telling me that if I post my experience with Calm radio that Calm radio will come after me with its legal team. I assume that his statement indicates that he operates in a totalitarian state. I canceled Calm radio. And as of this moment, I cannot access Calm radio even though Calm radio took my money for one month. Yet, Calm radio says in an email to me that Calm radio is available to me. I wonder how other Sonos customers have been treated by Calm radio?

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26 replies

I have no complaints - indeed I found Eric Harry to be very courteous and responsive every time I emailed him with questions/concerns. And Calm puts out excellent music via high bit rate streams, yielding CD level sound quality via Sonos.
Ok. On the other hand, the email that I received from Calm radio customer service person also claimed that this Eric guy is president of Calm radio and that Eric guy is not in customer service. The reason Eric was there at the customer service desk when my complaint hit was because it was early morning and no one else could work. Therefore, your emails to this Eric guy reveals a personal relationship between you two. Per professional customer service etiquette, this fact eliminates you from the realm of object evaluation. And even challenges the facts of your email reply as stated by you. Still, though, your loyalty to this Eric guy, while misplaced as customer service, deserves admiration. You feel as though Eric is being attacked and you rushed to his defense. Way to go with the good ole American spirit. As far as sound quality goes, the few songs that I finally received and then disappeared were no better than a hand held transitor sound. And, by the way, neither I nor the Sonos customer service person could get Calm radio to play through Sonos speakers. I am happy for you that you were able to receive what you paid for.
You feel as though Eric is being attacked and you rushed to his defense. Way to go with the good ole American spirit.

Fyi, I am from India and Eric is, to the best of my knowledge, Canadian.
Which does not address your issue of your email; I wonder about your ability to focus and think through an issue. It makes little difference of a person's origin. I am trying to help you through this; but, you do not help. I will try one more time. Please describe your issue.
I don't have any issues with Calm Radio, and I certainly don't need any help from you. Thank you and good luck to you with all the issues that you have.
Ok. good luck to you too. Perhaps another person can help you improve your listening and reading and comprehension skills and rid you of your whining.
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I am coming to this discussion late, but because i found it to be so odd I feel compelled to comment. I have been a paid Calm Radio subscriber for years and have used it often with my Sonos system since I purchased a Sonos connect for use in Brazil about a year ago. Sound quality with Sonos is excellent and I have no problems. Eric Harry is indeed the founder and president of Calm Radio. And, yes, he is Canadian. I do not know him personally, but the two times I have contacted Calm (once about configuration settings, once about a password problem) he responded within minutes and dealt with my request immediately. To be honest, it was among the most impressive customer service I have ever received.
My experience with Eric and Calm radio was the worse of the worst customer service. In fact, Eric blamed Sonos. Eric also stated that he received my sign in information from a Sonos representative. Calm radio is a rip off. Most people do not go through the hassle of dealing with Calm radio; therefore Calm radio commits fraud. This Eric guy is no better than a gangster. I phoned Sonos immediately. The Sonos customer service person assured me that under no circumstances did Sonos people gave Eric my sign in information or any details concerning my account. This Eric guy attempted to use intimidation to browbeat me into submission. Consequently, I post in every place that comes to my attention my experience with this Eric snipe.
@Toolio - I agree that this is a strange thread by someone that has a knife out for Eric. Seeing that Eric is a Sonos associate, I expect that some one on Sonos will bring this to his attention. Shutting down the thread and banning the OP is probably the way forward. Sonos is a very civilised forum by the standards of the net and I am sure it will stay that way.

Amazing to me you people continue to post replies to my experience to Calm. Each of you posters mouth fascist directives toward my experience. Perhaps your connection to Calm is one of deep psychological needs that you require. Weird to me that you must express your fascist views and then, of all things, expect another to submit to your gestopo grunts. Other than that, I enjoy very much my experience of you submissive people who are required by your deep psychological abnormalities to be educated by another who is superior to you. I do it for your sake. Then perhaps you will turn into an appropriately thinking and then speaking person without your hate and anger of fascism toward others.
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We've moderated out some posts here to clean up the person attacks. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but let's try to keep the community clean of unnecessary rants and tirades. Thanks for stepping in everyone and my apologies if some good posts got caught in the crossfire and were deleted. Let us know if you have any concerns.
I've just stumbled across this discussion and all I can say is, "Wow! A certain someone has really got issues and I don't necessarily mean with Calm Radio."
Lol. And you haven't seen the thread before the clean up.
Kumar, I saw enough. What was he on? Definitely had some major problems. I hope he has been blocked by Sonos. A totally unwarranted post that seemed to have an hidden agenda. Calm Radio is brilliant. Never had any problems with it or Sonos, both work together in harmony. Cheers. 🙂
I agree; Calm is excellent, providing the kind of music not easily found.

As to the OP, I won't be at all surprised if he turns up again to give us more entertainment.
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Seeing this thread, I decided to give my 2 cents also. I have been a Calm Radio subscriber for the last 3 years and have used Sonos speakers during this time with it. I have loved Calm Radio ever since I subscribed! I have also emailed with Eric, asking a question about atmospheres. He was polite and responsive. My experience with Calm radio has been nothing less than perfect. I just went online to the website during the holidays and just noticed lots of new channels that have been added. Looking at the work they have done makes me very happy to have become a subscriber!!!