My Dog looks at my Sonos Speaker every time I use it unlike any other audio device in the home

  • 8 March 2023
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One of my two dogs seems to be alarmed by the Sonos Speaker when I play it. I have turned off Loudness reduced the volume limit to no avail. 

I assume the speaker emits in a range that triggers my dog unlike any other audio device Ive had before.  Not the tv not the bluetooth speakers ive had.


Have any of you encountered this ? 

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5 replies

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Does the source you are playing make any difference?

Yes, I have notice this.  Volume and source definitely make a difference, and it only happens rarely. Both dogs appear to notice, but only one ever complains about and he’s older.

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Some HD sources may have “higher than you can hear” sound frequencies that aren’t being properly filtered out. I don’t know a cheap way to check that.

There are some beacons that allow speakers to recognize each other. I don’t know how often these are emitted. I’d appreciate an option to suppress this. I imagine that cats would be more sensitive to this.


I only use streaming services at this time with this speaker, mostly Tidal.