List of Onkyo receivers that work with Sonos

Onkyo said theywould release their list of onkyo and pioneer receivers that work with sonos and they did.

I haven't looked at these to see the price range or features. For those that must have atmos and Sonos whole home audio, this might be your solution.

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My TX-NR646 is not in the list and only 2 years old 😞 Hopefully they`ll work on this @ Onkyo.
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Yes, but You still need a Sonos Connect
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Of course, which I bought together with my Onkyo 2 years ago 😃
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Thanks that’s an useful list as I’m thinking of doing just what you suggest and get connect to get the best of both worlds. Cheers!!

I posted a thread also seeking recommendations of suitable speakers to go with a sonos friendly Onkyo rveiver.
Does anyone know if the Onkyo receiver will also set back to the previous input and turn off after the music stops playing?

Here is what Onkyo list on their site for playing music via Sonos

When set up, a user will be able to play music via the Sonos app and the Pioneer or Onkyo component will…
1) Automatically wake up
2) Automatically switch to the right input connection
3) Allow the user to select the volume level via the Sonos app
4) Play the chosen music

would it also do the following after the music is turned off?
1) automatically switch to the previous input
2) put the receiver to sleep
I doubt it would autimatically do one or two of your questions. Perhaps the receiver you select can do those features on their own, but that would depend on the model you select.

If the receiver can auto sense an input, you wouldn't have to have a default input. And i'd rather it go in sleep mode after a set time of no activity then shut off immediately.

I have looked at some of the prices for these receivers and haven't seen one under $500 yet. Notworth it for my purposes. Hopefully some cheaper options will come soon.
Looks like the TX-NR585 ($479) is the base model + Sonos Connect. Not sure how smooth this will work but sounds interesting.
I'm hoping for something in the $200 range. All i really need in stereo audio and 2 inputs (connect and tv) while being able to control the basic functions through Sonos.
Onkyo has a 2 channel unit TX-8260 ($399) but maybe Pioneer has a sub $200 unit.
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I know that most of the models listed below are new, but has anyone had any experience of this

and can they confirm if it possible to get synchronization in any mode that will output to the subwoofer, if so what modes work.


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This i grabbed from the Onkyo USA forum; moderator says:

The Sonos update will only be applied to 2018 models and models that carry over multiple years like the TX-RZ3100, TX-RZ1100 and TX-RZ920.