IKEA will start selling its Sonos-powered smart speakers in August

  • 18 January 2019
  • 6 replies

How do you Symfonisk?


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6 replies

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Even if you can eventually find them in the IKEA maze there is no promise you'll ever find your way out. 🙂
True. Been there exactly once, never again!
Just follow the arrows on the floor, you'll make it out eventually!

As a fan of both Sonos and IKEA, I'm really interested to see what comes out of this. I'm guessing they'll be lower cost with lesser sound quality than the Sonos lineup, but they haven't given us much to go on so far. The reviews for IKEA's Bluetooth speakers are generally quite positive, so hopefully they do a good job with these ones.
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Paper Tiger you may have missed the news story recently about a young fellow that got himself arrested for tampering with the IKEA arrows creating an endless path around and around the store. :-)

The link says Walmart but the story is IKE: https://thereisnews.com/man-arrested-for-put-fake-arrow-decals-on-the-floor-of-walmart-and-create-a-labyrinth-with-no-exit9999/
I hope you realize that the story is satire.
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But funny... Our IKEA went to overhead arrow spotlights many years ago.