I'm back with Sonos

  • 19 July 2019
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Hi all,

Up until HomePod appeared I had multiple sonos players in my home for years. From connects to play 5s and play 1s.

When HomePod came out I got one and sold all my sonos stuff. Despite this I was never really happy with the HomePod sound. (It replaced a play 5 2nd gen)

I thought a software update might help and eventually it did, with Apple altering the original sound signature.

But this didn’t end the list of things I didn’t like. For starters this “place HomePod anywhere and it will sound great” is rubbish! Despite adjusting to its location, it’s still highly temperamental in its placement. The sound curve changes dramatically based on where it’s placed.

The last straw was last week I bought a third one to stereo pair with the one in the lounge room. It didn’t work correctly. Even after the room correction stuff the right speaker was clearly louder than the left but the left had a higher overall bass response. Nothing I did fixes it. Even reversing the physical position of the pods still made the one I moved from left to right sound louder on the right.

So last week I went out and bought a new play 5 2nd gen. Well now I got to compare it beside a HomePod. No contest. Play 5 2nd gen leaves HomePod for dead.

ive now bought 2 sonos ones as well for other rooms. Alexa works great to control Apple Music. (I did love using voice for music control) and surprisingly Alexa works better imo than Siri does for HomePod.


HomePod is not all it’s cracked up to be. I’m back home with sonos. And here is where im staying.

sorry sonos for leaving, will you take me back please 😉

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2 replies

Welcome back. Sorry your experiment was so pricey. Well written post.
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Not to expensive. 3rd HomePod went back to Apple under their 14 day no questions asked policy (Australia) and the other two I’ve sold for a good price. At least Apple stuff keeps its value for reselling.