Favorite Weekend Mashup or Playlist

  • 4 September 2015
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Well everyone, it's Friday again! What's playing?

For those of us in the US with a long weekend or anyone else taking one anyway, do you wind down the week or spin up the weekend? Maybe a little bit of both?

Recommend a playlist or favorite album for the weekend or for just getting through the Friday.

I've got some Bruce Springsteen playing myself right now. "Working on the Highway."

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97 replies

A lil bit of US Punk Rock!

Electric Frankenstein ‎– How To Make A Monster

An australian Indie classic,...I love it!

Merry Christmas to everyone
And this one is much fun too!

Have fun
I knew it had to happen, but I wished it would be far from now,...but Lemmy "Ian Fraser" Kilmister has gone!

Im so sad,...I followed him and Motörhead for more than 35 years now! This evening my room is filled with his music and he will live forever for me!

R.I.P. Lemmy
For those who want say farewell and see Lemmy's Memorial Service and Celebration:

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Thanks for sharing savalas. He'll be missed.
Hi Ryan,

...35 years Motörhead / Lemmy fan to the bone!

This is my dressing room,...ääh music room!

Picked that of the motörhead's dressing room in Wiesbaden / Germany 2004
9 months later! Hehe, not what you expect!

And,...never mind the weekend!

You have to look for the CHERNOBILLY OPKECTP,...Gorgeous!

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Haha, these are excellent Savalas. I love Tom Waits sound, always have.

With everything going on around here I've needed something with a heavy and fun beat, so lately it's been electro-swing for me:


Balkan Gipsy Turbo Sound! Much fun!
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I just found Anderson .Paak's album Malibu and it's got some funky beats on it: Listen to The Dreamer (feat. Talib Kweli & Timan Family Choir) by anderson .paak #np on #SoundCloud
OK Ryan,

...than you maybe like these guys from Bosnia

Hello Josh,

...Anderson .Paak is prety damn cool! Like it!
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OK Ryan,

...than you maybe like these guys from Bosnia

Nice, they're fun.
Any Band Of Horses Fans around?

Please watch this Rockpalast live footage from 2010, recorded in Kulturkirche / Köln (Cologne) / Germany

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Any Band Of Horses Fans around?

Definitely! Sonos worked with them really closely just recently, if you missed it. Here's a blog on it.
No, I didn't missed it, including those community user who complained about the Band Of Horses Radio

Do you know this record (I may have mentioned it earlier in this thread): William Shatner ‎– Has Been
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Haha, oh yes. I'm familiar with the vocal stylings of William Shatner.

...I like this record! It is the most cool, rleaxing and coming down record I own! Maybe one of those records I listened to more often than any other record!

Not on the record, but semi live on SONOS communty:

On the record´,...but live:

Friday on my mind...

Have fun!
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One of the greatest songs ever made.