Favorite Weekend Mashup or Playlist

  • 4 September 2015
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Well everyone, it's Friday again! What's playing?

For those of us in the US with a long weekend or anyone else taking one anyway, do you wind down the week or spin up the weekend? Maybe a little bit of both?

Recommend a playlist or favorite album for the weekend or for just getting through the Friday.

I've got some Bruce Springsteen playing myself right now. "Working on the Highway."

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97 replies

Right now I'm listening to some old school rock:

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin

After that a rare slice of finish Punk:

Ratsia ‎– 1979-1981
Now a little bit of Roky Erickson:

Roky Erickson With Okkervil River ‎– True Love Cast Out All Evil
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Very nice! Roky can be a lot of fun. I've moved over to some Wolfmother myself, Joker & The Thief.
pretty good choice...

Joker & The Thief.

Hit the button for Bad Brains - Sacred Love

Maybe the greatest love song of all time,...direct and live from jail!
Only seconds til jumping my bed,...

Isaac Hayes - Theme From Shaft
Good morning,

breakfast + something laid-back:

International Pony ‎– We Love Music

...and "We Love Music"!

....my favorite female voice:

Ronnie Spector ‎– The Last Of The Rock Stars with the song,..."You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory" a Johnny Thunders cover!
Jo jo jo,

weekend is nearly through!

Roger Alan Wade ‎– All Likkered Up,...is a whole lotta fun!
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Such a wonderful log of weekend tracks savalas! Thanks for sharing! We had a throw back BBQ weekend at my place, good old 80s rock and one hit wonders. I went looking for a denim jacket and neon pants but was unsuccessful.

Let's see what we can set up for the next weekend, though it's dangerous to start planning on Tuesday.
Hello Ryan

...I'm back from 4 day trip to Munich including a visit of "Schloss Neuschwanstein" with all it's amazing architecture and kitsch!

Weekend in front I'm starting with William Shatner - "Seeking Major Tom".
Not so great as "Has Been" but a great peace of weird music and makes a lot of fun to listen.

...why should I sing, when spoken word will be good enough,...

Have fun with that!

Cheers and have a nice weekend,

Gernot from good old Germany
It's friday again,

...but for me, I have to work tomorrow! But no excuse not to put some good music into my playlist.

Now: Arcade Fire ‎– The Suburbs. A great record!
2 minutes to midnight, third beer runnin through my veins and a shot of moonshine waitin for me! (No Hank 3 lyrics but nothing but the truth!)
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I'm a fan of Arcade Fire, some really great songs from them. I was on a plane heading out to Europe to spend a week with our Hilversum based team for a week. Spent a lot of time listening to Neuromancer by William Gibson, I know it's an audio book not music, but it made the 14 hours of flying much better.
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I normally listen to Porter Robinson's Monstercat DJ set or the fanmade Worlds concert movie
@ Ryan,

...nice to read you again! Hope you had a fine time in Europe / Netherlands.

@ Josh,

unfortunately your YT links underlie regional restrictions here in Germany

Btw., Ryan do you want to restart this thread into a whole week music lovers thread?

Right the moment Santigold ‎– Master Of My Make-Believe is jumping outta da speakas, and after that it's getting e little more rough and dirty with Johnny Moped ‎– Basically.....,...hahaha god old britsh Pub Punk! Cheers! V.D. Boiler!
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Whilst I dont have an alt. version of the DJ set, here is (the closest thing to) an audio-only soundcloud version of the Worlds Movie: https://soundcloud.com/mkm-7/porter-robinson-worlds-tour-mkm-remake-v3

...I found pretty much stuff P.R. on JUKE, I'll give it a try!

Not bad,...but I think I prefer this kind of Spitfire:

The Public Service Broadcasting Album Inform - Educate - Entertain is a wonderful piece of music in our modern times!
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I would recommend the Worlds LP over the Spitfire EP as Worlds feels more melodic and Spitfire is very mainstream EDM
OK Josh, I put the The Worlds LP into the playlist.

But be aware I'm the (only a little bit open minded) brother of Jack Black of "School Of Rock", lol!
Breaking news,...had to break up everything for Break It Up
Australia had and has great Rock 'n' Roll, Pub and Punk Bands,...one of them: the great The Saints

As tribute to them this one is playing at the moment: Various ‎– Eternally Ours: 24 Bands Play The Saints
Switching from Punk Rock to Outlaw Country: Willie Nelson ‎– Face Of A Fighter - 20 Greatest Hits and back again to some pretty evilnasty Punk Rock: GG Allin & The Murder Junkies ‎– Brutality & Bloodshed For All,...
Lol, writing myself is making fun too!

Bob Wayne:

Hey Ho,

..The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion meets The Doors in the rehearsal room, but decided to use only a drum and an organ adding vox to it. What do you get?
zZz on the Sound Of zZz.Album.

After that I will listen to a very funny guy from Scotland,...Hamish Imlach with the Cod Liver Oil & Orange Juice - The Transatlantic Anthology.
Pretty hard to understand the rough scottish accent my german ears,...but with a good internet search I can get behind,...sometimes, lol!
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Haha, that sounds awesome :)

We're juggling a lot of plates right now, so I've got some punk pop on: Tonight Alive - Little Lion Man.