Best way to learn Sonos system ... from a newbie

  • 18 November 2022
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Hello, just bought the Sonos Arc, Sub, one one SL to go along with new Samsung tv.    Alot to learn.  Where is the best place to learn everything I need to know?   On, the “learn” tab doesn’t have much.   The sparse documentation I got doesn’t tell me alot.   I’ve got the system working, but I want to learn the app, how to set up voice commands, etc.     Is there a youtube channel?    Some documentation somewhere?    I really want to learn this, but not finding anything out there.  Thank you from a Sonos newbie.

2 replies

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On go to “Support” and search for any topic you want. Sonos has many articles with clear instructions on how to use your Sonos products and the Sonos app.


Here is a video about the app that is helpful too:


There are a number of user guides here. You might start with the guide to the app.

One key thing to grasp from outset is that the app is a remote control for the system, not a music player. It's the speakers that do the real work.