Archimago's latest musings on MQA and HiRes

  • 28 September 2019
  • 4 replies

A trenchant critique from someone who always comes across as resolutely supportive of the science.

(The older related threads here, with subscribers who might be interested, are either locked or hornets' nests that I'd rather not poke.)

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4 replies

Fascinating read. Thanks for sharing.
It put me off buying old vinyl and 'R.I.P' Tidal, I think.
It is not going to have ANY impact on those that choose to go the other way - exactly as it is in the case of so many other divisive subjects of the day. And on this site, the Sonos announcement promoting Amazon HD has just brought the matter back to the boil here as well.
Does anyone here remember Wapping High?:-)