Play all Songs from Artist MISSING

Sonos is missing a CRUCIAL feature that really lessens the quality of the Sonos experience.

By using the Sonos app on a smart phone, it is not possible to play all songs from an artist without manually going in and adding all the albums to the end of the playlist queue. This has been confirmed by a Sonos rep.

A huuuge lack and a loss that should be rectified ASAP.

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For local music library: Find artist, long press on artist entry, choose Play Now.

For music services: Find artist, long press on artist entry, choose More, Browse Artist. There will be an entry for All Artist Tracks.

Not sure if this works for all sevices, I use Amazon. I'm pretty sure it is up to the service to implement.
Thank you, jgatie. I should have specified that I am using Google Play music services.


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