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It's 7:30PM PDT, and I'm doing a run through of unread posts from today. Unfortunately, the software isn't marking them as read when I've actually read them. A few days ago, I ran into an issue similar to this where a day later I was getting posts marked as unread that were older than my last pass through. I'm wondering if there's a possibility of a corruption of the db that stores the data associated with my user name and forum post data.

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Note: Having posted this (after about 15 message/topic readings that didn't get marked read), they now are. So perhaps there's a process in place that is delayed to do maintenance? Seems like 10 minutes delay to mark all of those posts as read is a bit long. I recognize the need to do maintenance to board and db software, but I'm concerned about the length of time, and the timing at which it's done. Might be worth double checking with inSided to see if there's a process being kicked off, how long it runs, and what time it is scheduled for.
And here's a post from three days ago that just showed up in my system as being unread:

I know that both yesterday and the day before, I cleared out all unread posts in these boards. Not sure why this would be showing up today.

This is what leads me to believe there's some sort of corruption in the data associated with my account.
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I did notice yesterday that the notification e-mails were getting sent out late. In some cases several hours after they should have been generated. Don't know if it's related.
FWIW, it's happening again today. I cleared the "queue" around 1:30ish today, it's now 9:52PM PDT and I'm seeing new posts from yesterday.
FWIW, I'm again having difficulty with the forum software not marking items as read. Again, this is between 7:15 and 7:30PM, PDT, much as before.
Once again, seeing posts for the first time that are 4 days old, and also seeing items as unread where I am the last respondent.
Hi Bruce,

Thanks for sharing. I'll take it up with the vendor :)

Danke, Ditte...

It does seem to be a recurring issue, as you can see from this thread. If the vendor wants to reach out to me directly, I'd be fine with that as well.
Appreciate it, thank you, Bruce!
Can you try to clear cache and cookies and see if that helps? If it doesn't then please send me a PM with your OS and browser details. :)

Thank you,
Next time it occurs, I'll empty my pockets of any cash, and eat all my cookies, and see if it helps.

Thanks, Ditte!


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