Youtube Music Premium not using premium music library

  • 21 March 2020
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Youtube Music works well enough on Sonos, music quality streams just fine and I get you can’t thumbs up or thumbs down but the biggest holdup I’m having is that it won’t access the correct music library.


My friend pays for a google family account and shares premium services to my account. I cannot find out how to get the premium services to carry over to Sonos.


I used youtube music for a while then decided to subscribe to the premium service. It is fantastic and has become the only thing I use for listening to music. Sonos however will only access liked songs from my account previous to the subscription to premium services. I have to manually prompt it to play every song, this defeats the purpose of Sonos. I could just use a bluetooth speaker and be done with it but I like the potential of Sonos and want to use it more in the future.


If I cannot solve this issue I will let go of all my Sonos products and find something else.

4 replies

Check that both the native YouTube music App and your Sonos App in-built YouTube Music Service on your mobile controller device are both logged into your YouTube Premium Subscription Account.. if necessary try logging out and back into both, to ensure that the logon credentials are correct and see if that then works for you, perhaps? 🤔

I've spent quite a bit of time trying to do this, logging in and out, checking all the credentials, and reading articles that might fix it for me. I have verified that it is logged in correctly.

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Hello @snicks 


Welcome to the Sonos Community.


I would like to ask you what music are you trying to access from Youtube Music. Sonos has access to not only songs that you liked but playlists that you have created as well. Are you trying to access your friend’s music or do you have new music that you are not seeing?

I actually figured this out…

I had a brand account that my account owned, a channel… this is where all my activity was being done. It can be rather confusing going through the settings in youtube to figure out how to manage these. Sonos was not able to pick my other user under my account, it would always show that I needed a premium subscription to access it.


What I ended up doing was moving my account to a new owner… myself and it carried over all of the content. It didn’t actually seem like I was doing anything, it showed I was moving ownership of my account from me to me but it fixed it.


People don’t really seem to like googles new youtube interface. It is very convoluted and hard to wrap your head around for some things.


I fancy myself a tech savvy person, this should not have been an issue like it was… google needs to better explain all these new interface options when they redesign something. There are some youtubers that try to keep up explaining these things but it is a big hairy mess.