Youtube music not syncing above 99 playlists

We have recently changed from Google Play Music to YouTube music and have noticed a bug in the Sonos integration where it does not allow us to see more than 99 playlists on our Sonos controller whereas the YouTube music account is connected to has 240 playlists.


I believe this to be a bug in the YouTube music integration on the Sonos controller or maybe a limitation, can someone please look into this and confirm.


Best answer by Airgetlam 14 January 2021, 07:14

It’s YouTube not sending more than 99 results to Sonos, not Sonos stopping after receiving 99 replies to the query. 

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Hi @Alphacore.

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community!

Generally, Sonos Playlists has a 10k track limit (total for all playlists), with specifics depending on music service.

For Google Play Music it has a 3k track limit  (+/- depending on metadata).

We don’t have a specific number of track limits yet for YouTube Music. 


If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.

It worked correctly when it was set up as google play music, but the sonos YouTube music integration does not.


On Google Play Music can see all of the playlists on controller

On YouTube music the controller stops at 99 out of 240 (Exact) playlists indicating this is a programming issue not a limitation issue.

Since the Sonos API hasn’t changed, that suggests the folks at YouTube Music didn’t fully apply the appropriate protocols. You may want to contact the folks at YouTube Music. 

Ok so I have exactly the same problem and sonos is telling me is yt music platform the one with a glitch.  On yt music app I can see and play all my playlist without any problem but in sonos controller have a limit of 98 playlist only?? Anybody knows how to contact youtube? This is so frustrating cause my sonos system is useless since I can't play some of my playlist I have on yt music app because of this programming issue fkrm sonos or yt 

Please help. Iam about to get rid of this sonos system and buy something else:(

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Assuming you pay YouTube money for their crappy service, there should be a way of registering your dissatisfaction with it.

Thank u for yoir reply. Yes every month I pay about $12 for the service..The thing is that on yt music app I can access all my playlist without a problem but the problem is only withing the sonos controller.

It’s YouTube not sending more than 99 results to Sonos, not Sonos stopping after receiving 99 replies to the query. 

Yea that's what I was thinking.  Iam thinking about switching to spotify Hopefully they dong have the same problem..well actually i heard that with spotify I can cast straight to sonos without using the sonks controller with I hate. sonos controller playlist don't even show in alphabetical order:(

I wish yt could cast to sonos straight from app. Sonos controller is horrible:(

Can even put playlist in alphabetical order

There is no way of contacting youtube music ether;(  I have not made the switch to spotify cause they won't play alot of my music I have on hardwire. It looks like iam stuck with this yt music platform and sonos controller which I hate too..I been thinking about returning somos and buy bone which has Bluetooth too.