US based BBC Sounds access on SONOS

  • 20 June 2022
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Located in US.  BBC Sounds is not in my list to add a service.  Yet all recent support says it should be.


I would love to llsten to BBC,,,


Any ideas?

5 replies

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If you switch your Sonos account to UK you can then add BBC Sounds. However to login to BBC Sounds you need a BBC account, and that might be a challenge to create from the US. I don’t know, as I created my BBC account while visiting the UK. Try it and let us know.

Once setup, BBC Sounds works fine in the USA (ie no geo-fencing).

Any ideas?

It’s been available as a plugin on LMS for several years, without needing to be in the UK. Your Sonos speakers can be renderers on LMS via the UPnP/DLNA Bridge plugin.



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Outside of the UK BBC radio should be available on TuneIn though.

think the native BBC Sounds app is available worldwide, and so if you have an Apple device and an Airplay-compatible Sonos speaker (or a Move or a Roam for Bluetooth) you could listen that way.

@Mr. T is nevertheless completely correct the the limitation on Sonos is BBC-imposed.  The BBC seems to get very twitchy about losing control of distribution to third parties, particularly where listening information is concerned.


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At present, BBC Sounds is available on the Sonos controller app within the UK only.

This is a BBC Sounds restriction, not Sonos.