Tunein radio station (BLVD 102.1) keeps playing ads

  • 12 November 2021
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Since last Sonos update, my favorite TuneIn radio station doesn’t work anymore. It keeps playing ads.

The radio plays well in the TuneIn app or Website.

I tried adding the stream directly from with no luck.

I used to listen to this stations for weeks before it suddenly breaks last week after I updated to the latest sonos app on my PC




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6 replies

It’s looks like it is still working okay via the myTuner radio service in the Sonos App if you want to give that a go. See attached.

Thanks Ken !

I didn’t knew about myTuner.


Same problem here, in Québec City. Two radio stations dosen’t work anymore, probably after the last update (Sonos S1 for me):   WKND 91.9    and    BLVD 102.1, it keeps playing ads.


Impossible to play on SonosRadio, on TuneIn or myTunerRadio…..


Everything is going well on their website, on TuneIn (android and apple application), but on the Sonos system theses stations dosen’t work (since 1 week).



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On RADIO.NET it works!! thanks!

Unfortunately, it’s the individual radio stations that choose which particular streaming service that they associate with. Sonos isn’t even in the discussion.