Spotify Queue woes - I'm clearly not the first but not found any answers

  • 10 October 2021
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Seems like this is a common issue but has anyone figured out the fix?

Playing Spotify within the Sonos app: I start a playlist for example, and everything plays nicely. However, if I search for a song and select “Play Next”, it appears next in the queue but almost every time, it will skip this song and play the next one on the queue.

If I select shuffle, the queue order changes, it will almost always skip the next track and play the one after. 

If I remove a song from the queue because I don’t want to hear it, it will almost always skip what is now the next song.


No, it doesn’t do this playing from within the Spotify App, but we want to use the Sonos App to manage the queue so both of us can access it rather that being stuck with one of us driving a connect session.

This also still happens if I test it using only “Front Bedroom” pair of Play:1s, both of which are connected via ethernet to the router.

Diagnostic taken just after a skip: 2111614116

The Router is a TPLink Archer MR600 4g Router on EE (we are rural so the landline broadband is virtually non existant) with the WiFi disabled. WiFi for the house is from a 3 node Velop Dual Band Mesh, in Bridge Mode, set to channel 1 (although WiFi scanner app shows it occupying up to 9) and the Sonos is set to 11. (But note that the issue persists when using only the wired speakers)

Yes I’ve rebooted everything… this is not a new issue.



2 replies

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Hi @Standforhats 

Thanks for your post!

I can confirm that we are aware of this issue and are still investigating. As you mentioned, using the Spotify app prevents this, but it is still an issue in the Sonos app. Please be assured that it is not your Sonos system’s or network’s fault.


Hi @Corry P 

Thank you for that. I wonder if anyone has told your support operators… Anyway, it is great to know I can stop looking for issues at my end.