Siriusxm drops S2

  • 14 October 2021
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Siriusxm streaming drops after 1 hour and sometimes sooner. Seems to be slightly less of a problem if I use Line-In rather than Group to get the signal to various rooms. 

I have two calls into some very patient techs who both spend a lot of time. The source of the problem has not been reliably established. Mysteriously, all music services but SiriusXM work without issue. Siriusxm streaming drops but Siriusxm On Demand is trouble free. Seemed less of a problem with S1. Never solved with S2 and Port (which replaced a Connect).

Asus RT-AC 5300 router receives ISP service from ATT router (whose Wifi is turned off). Sonos linked to the Asus RT-AC 5300. There is an Asus AC-68U access point that does not link with any of the Sonos Speakers. The ISP is 25+ MB.

There are 12 Sonos products. For all other functions, everything works. There are products distributed on 4 levels. 

The techs turned speakers off and on remotely. I had to do the reset manually on two or three speakers. Initially, the reset seemed to help, but the best it ever got was less than 2 hours without dropping. The second tech created a test in which a speaker would be added to a successful speaker to see which speaker addition resulted in a drop. I was encouraged to continue testing on my own. The problem is that soon, the dropping started on the first speaker. 

I will continue to call Support and submit diagnostic reports. Has anyone had any luck consulting with Sirius? Should I be doing a hard reset rather than the 10 second off and on? 

Appreciate any suggestions. 


5 replies

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As it happens, I woke up today to a S2 update. Siriusxm dropped within an hour.

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2087909208 is my most recent Diagnostic.

Thank you so much for being willing to look at this. All other music services are working without issue. Siriusxm works for "On Demand" but not consistently for streaming.

My Sonos system is distributed throughout the house on four floors and otherwise works flawlessly.


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Thanks for sending that in. Unfortunately, the diagnostic didn’t come through properly, which could indicate some underlying networking issue. You mentioned that you have more that one router - has the DHCP server been disabled on one? In other words, is one in Bridge mode? If not, that would be a problem, and not just for sending diagnostics.

I did take a look at the previous diagnostic that was submitted, however.

I’d first like to address your ethernet wiring - it looks like a couple of TV’s are connected to the ethernet sockets of the two Beams, and there’s a third connected to the Amp. Also, something is connected to the Left surround of Lounge. Please disconnect all of these connections. If the TV’s don’t have WiFi support, I recommend using network switches to split the ethernet feed to TVs prior to a connection to Sonos. A good rule to follow is to only connect Sonos ethernet ports to routers, network switches and other Sonos devices. 

Assuming it’s within range of the Beam, the Amp ideally would also be disconnected from ethernet - it would prefer a direct 5GHz link to the Beam. If this affects surround sound, however, then range is likely an issue and you should reconnect the Amp to ethernet.

Your Boost is doing nothing at the moment - the Treehouse Beam prefers the direct connection to the other Beam, which is less “expensive” than the two wireless connections needed to use the Boost. You could easily turn it off with no ill effect.

However, I don’t think any of this is likely to be the cause of what you’re experiencing. You mentioned everything else Sonos related works flawlessly, so I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to leave everything as it is. If all other steps fail, however, everything I’ve written above is worth keeping in mind.

The Port is having trouble with the URL for the SiriusXM stream - I presume this is the same regardless of the room played in? If so, then it seems most likely to be a problem with your SiriusXM account. We’d certainly like to test this by trying own own test account on your system. I ask you to please once again get in touch with our technical support team, and ask the agent you speak to to try a SiriusXM test account on your system. I’ll put a link to this thread in the notes of your existing related cases. Should our test account play without issue, then we’d direct you to SiriusXM support so they can take a look. I’ll be sure to mention on the case notes that it typically takes hours for the issue to happen - because of this, the case will likely be escalated to Tier 2 and because I am in Europe (habit - no I’m not, not since Brexit) I can’t escalate the case for you, so a call from you will be needed.

I hope this helps and you get to a resolution.


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What an incredibly thorough reply.  You have given me a lot to think about as well as adjust. Thank you for taking the time to look at this Cory.  I will be following up with a call to support after having a chance to digest this. 

One reason that the Beam is connected to the Amp by ethernet cable is that it wouldn't set up surround sound wirelessly. I will explore moving the Amp closer to the Beam. 


One interesting thing about the Boost is that my problem seemed to accelerate after I moved it closer to the Treehouse Sonos units. Since it's not doing anything there I may explore moving it back to the original location before disconnecting. 


Awesome support Cory.

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As you had an issue with bonding the Amp to the Beam previously, I’d just leave the Amp as it is. Especially if it means moving and tidying cables.

Glad to help!