SiriusXM browse music error

  • 3 August 2022
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This morning the SiriusXM alarms did not work.  When trying to browse the SiriusXM Canada channels it errors out with Sorry something went wrong please try again. I can get to a channel via Recently played. 
diagnostic # 1121686035


2 replies

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Problem resolved after a couple days. Able to browse SiriusXM channels and alarms are again functioning. But there is a significant lag in the app in displaying the correct song being played. It’s about 7-8 minutes behind regardless of channel or device used.   Anyone?

  1. I’d still call in to Sonos to ask about that diagnostic.
  2. My guess is there’s something odd about your network, and the speaker is having trouble reaching out past your router, or perhaps even to your router, to reach the SiriusXM channels on a SiriusXM server. Worth reviewing the wifi interference FAQ.
  3. Or, it’s possible that SiriusXM was having issues with their server that they use to feed Sonos, and particularly in presenting the Canadian channels you were looking for. Important to note that they use a different server to feed Sonos than they do for their own app, or even their web connection, so it’s possible for one to be “down” and not another.