See and manage queue when you start radio from a song?


Not sure if this is a use question or feedback.

I use quite often the function "start radio" from a specific song. I find it's a nice way to create a playlist without much effort. The thing is, when I do this I like being able to see the proposed queue and edit it, removing, skipping or resorting songs. When I try to do this in the Sonos app the queue seems empty, is this normal?

The result is that I default back to my YTM app, but since it cannot directly cast to my speakers I need to go through my TV Chromecast, which unnecessarily keeps the TV screen on while I play music.

Would be great to know if others also have the same issue and being able to raise the feedback to the dev team.










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If you are playing through an App, the App is usually managing its own Queue. The SONOS Queue is used for tracks played from your own library. Some services, such as SPOTIFY support adding tracks to the SONOS Queue, but this capability varies on a service by service basis. The SONOS Queue can be saved as a SONOS Playlist.

Thanks buzz for the answer.

I can use the YTM app and manage the queue in that app normally, but as you may know you cannot cast to Sonos speakers from it, so it's no good. Then, when I create the radio directly from a song in the Sonos app, there's no queue at all. Hope this clarifies.