Roon now streaming 24-Bit to Sonos

  • 8 November 2021
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I noticed over the weekend that when I stream from Roon to my Sonos system, 24-bit files are now streamed in their native resolution (up to 24/48).


Previously, everything was downsampled to 16-bit. It seems that a Roon update from October enabled 24-bit streaming to Sonos.


Anything higher than 24/48 is downsampled to either 24/48 or 24/44.1, but this means that a large portion of my library is able to be streamed natively without being resampled.


I appreciate the Sonos and Roon teams for continuing to work on giving us this capability.

1 reply

Interesting. Thanks for letting the community know!


I’ve not personally used Roon on my own setup, but I know we have a fair few users here on this community who will love to read this news :slight_smile: