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  • 5 June 2022
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Hi there,


I’ve just added the Radioplayer service. I am in Germany and Radioplayer is only listing German Radio stations. 

Afaik, Radioplayer is also available in other countries.

Why can’t I select a French or British radio station in Germany ???


I know that I can do that with TuneIn, but TuneIn is playing ads when I start streaming a radio station, so I want to stop using their service if there is an alternative.


Thanks in advance!




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4 replies

Sonos themselves have no control over what a streaming service provides to you. All Sonos does is connect to the streamer’s servers, and present what data they get from that server. You may want to contact RadioPlayer directly with your question. 

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Radio player only shows the stations where you are located. 

Mytuner Radio may be a better choice as you can list by Location. eg. Europe - France, etc. 

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Just an addition. I was looking for a different radio app in the Netherlands and found out Radioplayer is only used for letting cars switch between FM, DAB+ and streaming over here. No app and nothing on Sonos.

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Thank you all for the replies. 

I will ask Radioplayer if the have plans to allow foreign radio stations.

I’ve tried Mytuner Radio and it is doing a better job than TuneIn

@castalla  thanks a lot for the great recommendation!