Problem Viewing All Amazon Playlists

  • 24 December 2021
  • 32 replies


I just signed up to Amazon Music and have connected the service to Sonos. Problem is I am only seeing up to the letter “L” in the playlist library?

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32 replies

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 I was speculating with my issue that Sonos was limiting the visible playlists to 100. Do you have more than 100 Amazon playlists? And do you have the same number of Apple and Amazon playlists? If the two sets of playlists are the same and you can see all the Apple ones, then the problem would seem to be either strictly with Amazon or with some way that Amazon interacts with Sonos. 

Sonos are not limiting the playlist size, Amazon are. When the Sonos app asks for the list from Amazon, it asks in “gulps” of 100 (this is called paging in web terminology). Amazon, either deliberately or due to a bug, only respond to the first call (give me 100, starting at #0). When the second call comes in (give me 100, starting at #100) they return “no more”.

if you want this fixed, don’t waste your time calling Sonos. Call Amazon.

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controlav - Thanks for the explanation. I wasn’t aware of that at all. Overall, I’ve experienced a lot more glitches with Amazon than with Sonos. 


Hi. Just had lengthy conversation with nice Sonos rep. She is a bit stumped as to why I can’t view all my playlists on the Sonos app. We tested accessing my Sonos system and playing Amazon music via Bluetooth through the Roam speaker and that worked perfectly although the volume control doesn’t work as good as on the Sonos app so it’s not ideal. Bottom line is she has escalated my problem to a senior tech advisor who should make contact over next 24-48 hours. Will report back with any resolution. Cheers

The reason the Sonos rep couldn’t figure it out is explained by controlav above, essentially the issue is with Amazon, and not Sonos. 


Ok thanks for that. I did chat with an Amazon rep last week but he was basically useless. I may try again but to be honest I’m over it and most likely will just cancel my Amazon family membership and continue with good old Apple Music :)

Unfortunate, but understood. I’ve always had relatively low confidence in most ‘first line’ CS folks, most of them seem to work from scripts, rather than a deep understanding of the system they are supporting. That being said, the Sonos rep I dealt with last time knew exactly what I was referring to, and was able to help me immediately….but I suspect it’s a fifty/fifty shot. None of them have a malicious intent, but it’s hard to get a certain level of knowledge in an essentially low paying position. 


Agree. The Sonos rep today was great but she hasn’t experienced this before