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  • 10 September 2020
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My song collection is 22,000 + titles. Larger than most Sonos user libraries perhaps. Sonos has a 1000 playlist and folder limit. If you have a folder with 10 different playlists, you have used up 11 of your 1000 allotment. 

In iTunes, I have 42 folders and 1080 playlists. I reach my playlist limit in folder 30. It is beyond annoying that this limit is set so low for me.

What I don’t understand is why the limit is 1000. Sonos has a 65,000 limit on the number of tracks (does stereo count as two tracks I wonder). I get it that each song uses up incremental memory, but a list can’t be that much of a memory hog. 

Please comment if you have this problem. Perhaps someone from Sonos can explain the logic of a limit of 1000, or better yet, that there are plans to double the number of playlists you can have while the track limit remains as it is.

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5 replies

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What is your use case for having so many Playlists? You don't need a Playlist for an album for example.

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Agree with sjw.  I can’t see why you’d need over a 1000 playlists.  It’s not an issue that has arisen before either.

Until the S1 - S2 split, Sonos was constrained by older devices with what now seems pitiful amounts of memory (32MB), and all playlists are stored on all devices.  That restriction is eased now (although I think there are a few with only 64MB) so there might now be scope to increase a bit.

However, like the previous responders, i suspect that this is an issue for so few users it will be way down the priority list.

Sonos never comment on future developments like this, so you won’t get an answer (other than ‘we’ll pass this onto the development team so that they are aware of your interest in this feature’)

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Are you talking about Sonos Playlists, or Imported Playlists? I am not sure there is a limit on Imported playlists, but there sure is on Sonos Playlists are they are stored in the speakers themselves.

The only practical limits on Imported Playlists are:

  • the library index capacity: each playlist takes up one ‘slot’
  • the maximum size of the queue: 65k tracks
  • how quickly a playlist loads into the queue: a loading operation typically times out after 15s