How do I switch between multiple spotify accounts to play a favourite

We have a favourite lullaby playlist on spotify that plays in the children’s bedrooms that is added to the sonos favourites. I also have a spotify family account with 4 accounts added to spotify.

The childrens playlist is usually started each evening by physically pressing play on the speaker. When this is done occasionally it will default back to my own spotify account (one of the four), preventing me from using that on another group or within the spotify application itself. When this happens I cannot seem to change which account the childrens playlist plays from. I’ve tried from their group/zone stopping the playlist, changing the account on the spotify music source, and then choosing the playlist from the sonos favourites to no avail. I have also stopped the playlist, changed the account on the spotify music source, and then played something random from within the spotify source before going back to select their playlist from the sonos favourites. But in all cases it just seems to default back to my account. How do I tell it to specifically use the account of choosing?


I think without using the sonos favourites I have no issue and can choose up to 4 separate groups within the house using the different accounts from spotify. Naturally this doesn’t help when I wan to use my own spotify account in an evening complete with its daily lists, or use it on a non sonos device through headphones.


We do have 2 Sonos One speakers and a Move all setup to use google assistant (although not in the childrens bedrooms), and these when asked do I think default to using my own spotify account I guess because that is linked to my Google account.


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I’m not sure if this will assist, as I don’t use family MSP accounts myself, but perhaps see this Sonos Support document on adding/switching between the music service (Spotify) accounts that have been added to a Sonos System…

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To clarify, are the 4 Spotify accounts registered on Sonos or just on Spotify?

If the latter, then Ken’s link above will guide you to add the others to Sonos.

If you have already added them to Sonos, then similar to Ken, I don’t use multiple Spotify accounts on Sonos, but could you potentially set an ‘alarm’ selecting the lullaby playlist from the respective Spotify account?!

yes all 4 accounts are registered within the sonos app.