Editing Sonos tracks and albums

  • 12 October 2021
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I can see this is an old chestnut. But in 2021 it should NOT exist….


I am have enormous frustrations in deleting/editing the Sonos Library (Not playlist).  I found I had a whole load of duplicates when I connected my WD My Cloud Home NAS.  I have since edited the original library elsewhere…..deleted the folder pointed to on the NAS… but still Sonos “sees” the tracks and trys to play them.  Disconnecting the NAS also deleting the WD service app and reconnecting and deleting the folder still fails to remove the Library.

This is a real error within the sonos software in not being able to edit/delete library content.

How can I tell Sonos to delete this library.  I am sure when I reupload the Library to the NAS ot will see playable and unplayable tracks..  Making playing an album impossible





4 replies

A cardinal rule from the outset was that Sonos would never write to the local library. This was to avoid any accidental damage or accusations lobbed at Sonos.

There are countless methods and excellent third party tools for maintaining a library external to the Sonos system.

If you keep getting tracks reappearing after fully removing and re-adding the relevant network shares then it would pay to scrutinise the network storage. Look especially for hidden trash/recycle folders.

Also see this thread, if it’s of any relevance:


Thank you. and for tyhe quick response.    Glad they dont write to a local drive.. although I read that somewhere and its probably biassing me.  All of my music has been moved to a new “My Cloud Home” NAS and it is this folder contents that has been deleted - pending editing.  In the mean time Sonos appears not to re-read the drive which would show it empty   I am using the Sonos WD service and not the library connection

I’d assumed SMB access to conventional network shares. 

I’m not familiar with the My Cloud Home service. It could have cache behaviour which might account for what you’re seeing.