Sonos Play 1 and Amazon Echo Pairing

  • 10 December 2016
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My parents have the Sonos Play 1 in their home and love it. I was considering getting them the Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot to pair with their Sonos system. However, it is unclear from product reviews if the Sonos Play 1 can pair with these Amazon products. My hope is that if they can pair, my parents can talk to the Echo and control the Sonos system.

Could anyone confirm if this is or isn't possible?

Thank you!

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8 replies

Early next year, not yet.
Thank you. A couple articles online have said the Echo still won't pair with the Play 1, even in 2017, is that the case?
Sounds like unfounded rumors. Which articles?
This article mentioned Sonos Play 1 does not connect with the Echo
That's true today, but next year you will be able to voice-control any Sonos speaker using Echo or Dot, without the need for an audio cable. Alexa will be fully integrated into Sonos.
Thank you! Appreciated.
has the echo and Sonos play 1 been released ? as of April 2017
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has the echo and Sonos play 1 been released ? as of April 2017

If you mean integrated, then no.