Sonos Going Public

  • 1 August 2018
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investment interest

Best answer by chicks 2 August 2018, 19:43

It’s a done deal.
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9 replies

To clarify, you are going public with stock tomorrow? I can't find any note of it here nor can I find an investor relations section of the website. Am I missing the obvious somewhere or are you missing this basic capability of communicating to your investors.
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According to a variety of articles I've found around the web, the IPO should be happening sometime this week. With only two days left in the week - today and tomorrow - it's likely going to be one of the two.

As far as Investor Relations, the Sonos home page appears to now have an Investors section at the very bottom, with links to financial data, governance info, and other resources.
Thank you.
It’s a done deal.
And it looks like they could have underpriced it.
And it looks like they could have underpriced it.

Or perhaps not. Hope everybody sold when it was still above $20.
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Stocks go up, stocks come down... they're still above the IPO price of $15/share, so that still indicates that they might have been able to get more than they did. Nonetheless, I'm sure they achieved their goal, and now they get the joy of succumbing to market pressures to set and reach goals for future growth, with such announcements on a public stage rather than a private boardroom.
Good place to jump in, if I were a speculator. As an investor, I stick to broad, low cost index funds, so I’m sure I own a fractional share of SONO somewhere, lol.
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FYI, the trading price after the IPO has no immediate impact on Sonos. They received the static IPO price offered by the underwriters of the new shares. It will only impact Sonos if it decides to issue additional shares in the future, or affect Sonos employees and executives who have an ownership stake in the public company.