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  • 30 January 2018
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My wife and I listen to lots of internet digital radio on our Sonos products. We often come across songs on the radio that we wish we could search for on our subscribed music services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime etc etc.

Has anyone thought of including some "radiotext" data with internet radio stations so that users can identify a song they like, and then add them to their Sonos library if available through a subscribed service?

Our other idea was to be able to do the same thing (add to My Sonos Library) when away from home? I was thinking that the service could extend to other things such as adverts on a radio show for (for an example a recent cinema release) taking me directly through to the IMDB trailer etc etc...

Any thoughts?


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4 replies

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Why not just use something like Shazam? That will add to a Spotify Library which can be played on Sonos.
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Thanks. We don’t have a Spotify account, and I was looking at not having to leave the sonos app.

If the radio stations we listened to had some basic text, then we could tag and add that song to our libraries whilst listening to them.
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A nice idea but a lot of work.
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Many radio stations do broadcast details of the current playing track but by no means all.

I would be amazed if some of the providers of music (to buy) hadn't been in touch with Sonos with a view to adding a "Buy it Now" button when listening to Internet radio stations.