Downgrade Sonos desktop controller for Windows?

  • 4 February 2021
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After upgrading to desktop controller version 12.2.2, several of my old Sonos components are no longer visible, and can therefore not be used with the controller. They work fine with the old sonos controller version.


Is this Sonos way of trying to force me to throw the older hardwre components away and buy new ones. The old ones works fine.

Not even giving me a choice or a heads up when installing the new software controller. Very unethical and immoral. 


Is this correct Sonos? I hope I’m wrong!


I’m aware that new hardware features may not work with old software. Fine, but not supporting old hardware in new software is almost criminal. What if General Motors made their old cars stop working after a software update..??





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3 replies

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What did you do? Upgrade the controller only, or did you update the system too?

I see you only own S1 capable devices, so they’ve probably not updated. You could try if the S1 Sonos controller stilll works for you.

Scroll down the page a bit.


Excellent! That worked almost fine!

My faith in Sonos is almost restored! Now I only see the old devices, and not the new one.


Do I need to downgrade the new device?


Thank you!


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So you do have an S2 capable device? And you’ve upgraded it to S2? Your profile only shows older stuff.

You could try this, though I’m not totally sure it works anymore: 

You need a phone for this - the Windows controller doesn’t do set up.