Development of a rechargeable wireless speaker.

  • 22 August 2018
  • 3 replies

I would love to see Sonos develop a wireless rechargeable speaker that can be taken out on a deck where a plugged in version is not an option. This would be great to be able to have a flexible zone that can travel within your Wi-Fi network without being plugged in.

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3 replies

Rumor is that Sonos did a market study on a product study on this concept years ago, and there wasn't enough interest. However, recent statements have suggested that Sonos is considering products/features that operate outside of the home. So who knows.

Regardless, Sonos reads this and takes note of all suggestions. They also tend to be rather closed lipped on whatever developments they're currently working on.

Oh, and this is a request that pops up around here from time to time.
Sonos’ new partnership with Sonance is interesting (beyond the similar names). Sonance makes high quality outdoor speakers. Sonos is working on IKEA-branded indoor speakers. Why not Sonance-branded outdoor speakers with Sonos smarts? Would move a lot of development costs and risks to Sonance.
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May be possible