Yet another "Arc keeps disconnecting from my TV" thread

  • 17 March 2021
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Hi there,


My arc is attached to a Sony A8H tv using eARC. By a process of elimination I am down to precisely two HDMI ports in use on the TV: port 1 - the TiVo, port 2 (eARC on this model) has the Sonos arc on it.


Every evening when I finally get to turn the tv on there’s no sound.

If I unplug the hdmi and reseat it, still no sound.

Note: If I switch to toslink instead -- I get sound but then I can’t coerce my remote to control volume which is just a peach of an experience.

If I ultimately unplug the arc to hard reboot it… there’s sound!


I’ve taken a diagnostic 1571833039, but it was after rebooting, that may have cropped logs, not sure. If it did please let me know and I’ll take another one -- I assume as soon as tomorrow I’ll have a repro so it’s easy for me to add diagnostics (one per day!).


What should I try? Is this product just a lemon?




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5 replies

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Have you tried turning off eARC in the TV settings?

If you do disconnect the TiVo Box from HDMI 1 does that stop the problem? 
If so, will the TiVo Box allow you switch off it’s HDMI-CEC feature?

Firstly, thank you for the suggestions GuitarSuperstar and Ken_Griffiths.


Today’s update (new diagnostic number 1728484874): Last night I switched to Toslink with the included toslink->hdmi adapter. Somehow that broke too! This morning no sound even over optical. This time I tried unplugging the tv for a minute and then plugging it back in and now it works. Whatever’s going wrong is “fixed” with a hard reset of the TV or the soundbar it seems.


  1. Have you tried turning off eARC in the TV settings?

Yes, I’ve tried both ways.


  1. Can I turn off CEC on the TiVo.

As far as I can tell that’s controlled by the “Wake with TIVO button” option -- which has been disabled this entire time and never enabled.


So in essence:

-- if I leave it plugged into hdmi on an arc port it will stop working overnight.

-- if I leave it plugged into optical it will stop working overnight.


This is what I have presently (next experiment);

  1. TiVo has CEC disabled as noted.
  2. TiVo on HDMI1
  3. eARC disabled.
  4. Bravia Sync control disabled.
  5. Device auto power off (“Power off HDMI devices with the TV”) disabled.
  6. TV auto power on (“Power on the TV with a connected HDMI device.”) disabled.
  7. Bravia Sync device list does show the “Audio System” of type “Sonos Arc” presently.
  8. HDMI signal format on the arc port is set to “enhanced” format (note: not sure this matters since the arc shouldn’t care about the video signal, but just including for completeness in case it jogs a memory in anyone)


I’ll leave it off for the rest of my workday and this evening will see if/when it’s broken again,


Thank you all again for the help, hopeful I don’t have to swap back the playbar and maybe just maybe I won’t have to put this thing on a timer to auto-reboot it every few hours :-(,



I would try with the TiVo uncabled from the TV too, just to see if that box is stealing focus away from the Arc… if that does fix it, I may have a possible solution to resolve your issue, but perhaps report back what happens when the TiVo is removed from your setup.

Thanks Ken_Griffiths, 


In the end the settings I listed in my last post have seemingly worked for two days now. I may at some point try a process of elimination further; but likely my next test will be adding the Chromecast back into the loop.


Hope anyone with a recent Sony finds the above settings similarly useful. Thanks a lot for your help!