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  • 3 October 2020
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I originally wanted to ask why i’m not seeing any sonos clients on my unifi network when i have 7 speakers around the house with only one being hardwired.. a playbar.


then i found this article:


My playbar is hardwired and everything else is not.  So now my question is more about efficiency and equipment life.  I have a strong wireless network and can serve all the speakers no problem entirely wirelessly.  considering how much i paid for these speakers am i better off pushing the access points more?  Or are these speakers expected to last the same amount of time as a quasi hardwired mesh?


lastly, everything works great.  sounds great.  i love it.  every day.  i’m not really looking for trouble.  but i’d rather replace an access point down the road than a playbar.  Any thoughts?




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3 replies

Wired or wireless would have no difference on the longevity of the device. With the PLAYBAR wired, you are most likely using SonosNet, which is called ‘wired’ because one device is connected to your router with an Ethernet cable. SonosNet is pretty much the same as a normal WiFi channel, it just carries only your Sonos traffic, and doesn’t need to worry about other traffic. 

Rather than the PLAYBAR, you could wire any Sonos device (except surrounds or a Sub) and it would act the same, creating the SonosNet channel. Or, you could use a BOOST for the same effect, as I do. 

In general, if you’re running a ‘wired’ (sometimes called a SonosNet) system, it’s a good idea to remove your Network information from the Sonos controller as referenced in the remove Wifi data FAQ.

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If you are running a Ubiquity setup you’d have to dial back a lot of the capabilities you paid good money for to restrict it to what Sonos can support.

I looked at all that had to go for my setup and didn’t think twice about going to SonosNet and several wired Sonos to establish the Sonos mesh. I even added a Boost thinking I’d need one to fill in the mesh, turns out it wasn’t needed.

Only restriction on my Ubiquity gear now is that I avoid putting an AP on my Sonos mesh channel, just using the other two, a minor aggravation.

Thanks for the replies.  Funny i didn’t even know about sonosnet all this time lol.  And i actually bought the quality APs just to make sure the sound wouldn’t be affected.  Now i know i’m using SonosNet channel 6.  Anyhow, thanks again.

rock on.