Will Mini Sub work with Beam Gen 2 when taking tv audio input?

  • 22 June 2023
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I think I already know the answer to this: NO

Naievely, I added a Mini Sub to my Gen 2 Beam thinking that’s all I needed to upgrade my tv viewing experience. The Beam is connected directly to the TV via HDMI eARC.

Here’s me thinking that the Beam could project wirelessly to the Mini Sub, but now that I write this all down I beginning to see how silly that is.

So the next question is: what component am I missing to make this all work?

To make matters more difficult, when the house was being built, I was able to run the cabling in wall to keep things clean from the tv to the sub. i’ve got a cabinet underneath with cabling from tv to PS5 so i could run extra cable but damn these activities are fiddly

Photo is TV/Beam/Cabinet with Mini Sum elsewhere in room


2 replies

What makes you think the Mini Sub won't work wirelessly?  As long as the WiFi on the Beam is turned on, you should be able to connect the Sub to the Beam wirelessly. 

thanks jgatie

i’d hoped it would work that way, but i haven’t been blown away by the audio so it made me question whether there was a connection

in the Sonos app, under Settings > System, it lists the ‘Family Room Soundbar (+Sub)’ products as Beam and Sub Mini so i thought maybe that was for music initiated via the Sonos app or Airplay

thanks again